About Preaching Christ

Fr. Patrick W. Malone is an ordained priest serving in the Anglican Communion, and has over 25 years of pastoral experience in both small and large churches. Fr. Malone has served churches in Ohio, Kansas, New Jersey and most recently Wisconsin. In 2010 he was elected Abbot of the order of Anglican Communion Benedictines and now serves as the Archdeacon for Religious Orders, Societies and Communities in the Convocation of Anglicans in North America. Fr. Malone serves also as a chaplain in the Ascension Health System and in the Civil Air Patrol-Air Force Auxiliary.

He is an outspoken advocate and speaker for the rights of the pre-born and aged. He has been represent by The Becket Fund in three Federal law suits regarding religious liberty and expression. He is an advocate for educational choice for all students.

Fr. Malone holds a B.A  in Classical and Medieval Studies, an M.A.B.S in Greek New Testament and is currently working toward his doctorate in Biblical Exposition. He is a published author with over a dozen academic journal and encyclopedia articles ranging from Ancient Near East history to Biblical Theology and Biblical exegesis.

Fr Malone also serves on the State Committee for the American Solidarity Party of Wisconsin as State Chaplain.

Here is his C.V..